Help Battle Stress Related Aging

Help Battle Stress Related Aging

Stress and busy lifestyles compromise the immune system, hindering the body’s ability to repair itself and resulting in the outward signs of aging. Chronic stress is rampant and the new improved RxQ Antioxidant Complex developed by Schoenwetter, LLC provides a unique combination of essential amino acids that may help fight the aging process.*

Stress causes the body to release chemicals for a fight or flight response. Living with a steady dose of stress and anxiety chemicals causes damage at the cellular level and can accelerate the aging process. RxQ Antioxidant Complex may boost the body’s levels of amino acids that aid in cell repair.*

Glutathione is an antioxidant the body makes naturally and it plays a vital role in preventing cellular damage. The RxQ Antioxidant Complex combines glutathione with complementary vitamins and minerals that may provide the body with the elements it needs to combat stress-related aging.*

The antioxidant complex contains natural substances that can’t be duplicated in a single compound. It may help the body protect itself from a wide variety of oxidative stresses by providing the building blocks needed to effectively repair damage caused by stress. It comes in vegetarian capsules that are gluten free with no artificial flavors or colors.

Stress ages the brain and studies indicate that the process has a more immediate effect and appears to create a faster progression in women that can result in forgetfulness, brain fog and reduced clarity. The body manufactures its own anti-aging compounds, but that ability declines with age and increased stress levels from a variety of environmental sources exacerbates the problem.*

Cellular aging can be triggered even by the mere anticipation of stress. Children, aging parents, debt and extreme workloads are all stressors that contribute to the body’s aging process, impairing the body’s ability to repair itself effectively. Following a particularly stressful episode in their life, many people appear several years older, providing a perfect example of biological aging due to stress.*

The RxQ Antioxidant Complex provides the body with a source of glutathione that’s critical for cellular function and for the body to combat the effects of stress and hectic lifestyles. The product provides a single source of compounds that may help the body mitigate the effects of cellular breakdown.*

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