Asian Air Pollution Increases Aging and Health Risks in the U.S.

Asian Air Pollution Increases Aging and Health Risks in the U.S.

Weather isn’t a localized condition and elements that affect one area of the globe often have a significant impact on others. Residents in the U.S. are contending with wind-borne pollution from across the Pacific Ocean from a variety of Asian countries and they don’t even know it.

Meiyn Lin, a researcher at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, led a recent study published in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. His research demonstrated that air pollution from Asian countries is a leading contributor to smog and unhealthy air conditions in the Western U.S.

Due to prevailing wind patterns, westward moving pollutants from Asian countries are affecting the U.S., despite more stringent precautions and regulations on smog-producing emissions that have resulted in a 50 percent overall reduction across the nation The Asian pollutants are comprised of multiple elements originating from industrial and construction activities to farming and even wildfires.

High levels of air pollution results in smog, a ground-level type of ozone known to cause a variety of breathing and lung-related problems and has been associated with premature aging, heart disease and even dementia.

When microscopic particles within these pollutants enter the body, they form free radicals that damages DNA at the cellular level. The body manufactures a natural antioxidant called glutathione to neutralize free radicals, but in sufficient amounts, free radicals can overwhelm the body’s ability to mitigate their effects.

Free radicals are detrimental to every living organism on the planet, from people and pets to plants. Air pollution negatively impacts food production, trees that help cleanse the air, and damages habitats and environments that plants and wildlife require to survive. Air pollution is a component of acid rain, unsafe water supplies, global warming, and thinning ozone layers in the upper atmosphere.

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A global strategy to curb, contain, reduce and neutralize the elements of air pollution hasn’t yet been developed and until it is, individuals around the globe can help protect themselves with RxQ Antioxidant Complex.

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