Electronic Devices are a Major Source of Free Radicals

Electronic Devices are a Major Source of Free Radicals

Everyone is being exposed to small doses of radiation every day through the use of computers, smartphones, and even through radon emitted by the Earth itself. Over time, those trace amounts can result in premature aging that’s demonstrated as cosmetic issues and disease.

Radiation comes from a wide range of items used every day that encompasses computer screens, smartphones and tablets, along with TVs, clocks, microwaves and fluorescent lighting. Radiation has even been detected in glass and ceramic products. Taken individually, the levels are very low.

However, the effects from all radiation sources are cumulative and may be felt most acutely by those who spend significant amounts of time in front of computer screens, with their mobile devices, and using Wi-Fi. People employed in office environments and those who work from home may be at greatest risk for radiation from their computer screens.

Radiation is a form of pollution and even miniscule amounts can cause damage to the body through the process of oxidative stress. The multi-step process works in this way:

  • Pollution enters the body through invisible radiation and particles too small to see
  • The particles and radiation are transformed into free radicals in the body
  • Free radicals cause oxidative stress, resulting in damage to cells and DNA and appears as disease and cosmetic aging of the skin*

Oxidative stress occurs when an imbalance exists between free radicals and glutathione that neutralizes them. Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant manufactured by the body, but many people have diets that don’t provide the nutrients needed to produce adequate amounts of glutathione.*

Free radicals affect the immune system, results in the fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging, and have been linked to conditions ranging from lung dysfunction, heart disease and dementia to nerve damage, hormone imbalances and depression. Free radicals affect cellular structure, change instructions in DNA coding, and make cholesterol more likely to be trapped in arteries.*

It’s not realistic to eliminate modern conveniences and it’s impossible to eradicate exposure to all sources of radiation. It emanates from the ground and the cosmos, but it may be possible to boost glutathione levels with a supplement that provides the right blend of bioavailable ingredients that the body can begin to use immediately in the manufacture of glutathione.*

The RxQ Antioxidant Complex provides an antioxidant-rich formula comprised of multiple ingredients that the body utilizes for glutathione production. No other single supplement offers the innovative formulation, built on a foundation of the best science currently available.*

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