Global Warming is Disrupting Our Health and Beauty Regimens

Global Warming is Disrupting Our Health and Beauty Regimens

Staying beautiful and healthy is becoming much more difficult due to the effects of global warming. Climate change has brought about effects ranging from arid conditions to extended allergy seasons that can seriously impact the way people stay healthy and attend to their beauty needs.

Lesser rainfall amounts allows pollen and air pollution particles to be suspended in the air longer leading to elevated allergic reactions, along with an increased need for skin moisturizers as the air becomes drier. Warmer temperatures act as a catalyst for plant pollens, mold and other allergens, allowing them to multiply at an accelerated rate and increasing the risk of illness.

Global warming also affects the amount of ground level ozone. This type of ozone is a colorless pollutant created through a chemical reaction when specific agents are exposed to sunlight. It negatively affects vegetation, ecosystems, and exacerbates the amount of free radicals to which individuals are exposed, thereby exacerbating the outward signs of aging.*

Allergens, pollution and ground level ozone are just some of the elements of global warming that affects the need for beauty products and the way people care for their skin. Individuals will find themselves in need of moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams, and UV protection to aid in minimizing the effects on their skin by climate change.*

Ultimately, the body’s immune system is responsible for combating the physical effects on the body generated by global warming that includes fighting off allergies and illness, along with neutralizing free radicals that are instrumental in the outward signs of aging. A combination of the right vitamins and amino acids may have the ability to boost the immune system and the production of antioxidants that mitigate the signs of aging.*

Global warming is initiating changes that are already affecting the environment and impacting human health and beauty considerations. To aid individuals around the world in fighting the effects on their body by global warming, RxQ Antioxidant Complex, a proprietary formula comprised of ingredients the body can use that may help to boost the immune system and improve antioxidant production.*

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