RxQ Antioxidant Complex Catering to Computer and Smartphone Users

RxQ Antioxidant Complex Catering to Computer and Smartphone Users

We’re all exposed to small doses of radiation everyday through the use of computers, tablets, televisions, and smartphones. Radiation comes from wide range of items we use on a daily basis. Individuals employed in an office environments and those who work from home may be at risk fro radiation from their computer screens.

Radiation is a form of pollution and even a small amount can cause damage to our body through the process of oxidative stress. This can accelerate aging process. If you’re in front of a computer all day then this one is for you. The RxQ Antioxidant Complex provides an antioxidant-rich formula comprised of multiple ingredients that the body utilizes for glutathione production that helps your body fight oxidative stress caused from everyday pollutants such as radiation and radon.*

RxQ Antioxidant Complex was developed by a noted nuclear medicine specialist and a family practitioner that focuses on the interactions between the environment and the systems and organs in the body. Not all antioxidant complex are the same. Unlike other antioxidant supplements, RxQ That means the supplement's proprietary formula has been created based on solid scientific research using safe and reliable methods consumers can rely on for optimal benefits. No other single supplement offers the innovative formulation, built on a foundation of the best science currently available.*

Say bye to gluten, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, silica, soy, wheat, dairy, artificial color, flavor, or preservative. These flow agents and fillers are potentially harmful to our health. RxQ Antioxidant Complex contains zero fillers and has the potential to do for human metabolism what bathing and flossing do for our skin and our teeth.*

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