RxQ Antioxidant Complex May Help Alleviate Effects of Invisible Environmental Pollution

RxQ Antioxidant Complex May Help Alleviate Effects of Invisible Environmental Pollution

The leading cause of the outward signs of aging skin are environmental factors, primary of which is the sun, but it’s not the only environmental pollutant that can damage and age the skin. Some pollutants that cause oxidative stress can be easily seen, while others are invisible to the naked eye.*

Environmental pollutants arrive in and on the body through the air, UVA and UVB rays, microscopic particles in water, and ozone exposure. When the body can’t produce enough of the natural antioxidant glutathione to neutralize free radicals, oxidative stress occurs.*

Excessive stress, deficits in diet, lack of restorative sleep, radiation treatments, and common diagnostic procedures all contribute to damaging oxidative stress. As the effects of environmental pollution take a toll, the process can have a cascade effect resulting in:

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Uneven pigmentation
  3. Dry, dull skin
  4. Loss of volume
  5. Sagging skin

Individuals living in larger cities, those in specific geographic locales, frequent fliers and those who regularly engage in long commutes are at increased risk of demonstrating the signs of aging at an earlier age. Environmental pollution even damages the brain and middle-aged and older individuals in high smog areas may have as much as a 46 percent greater risk of experiencing a stroke.*

While smoking and over-indulging in alcohol exacerbate the accumulation of free radicals, exposure can come from some unexpected sources that include tanning booths, heavy computer use, unusual weather patterns and wildfires. In today’s modern world there’s no way to avoid exposure to environmental pollutants, a condition that spurred us to create RxQ Antioxidant Complex.*

Everyone is vulnerable to the aging effects that environmental pollution has on the skin and body. The unique RxQ Antioxidant Complex may aid in the fight against environmental pollutants that can age the appearance of skin beyond an individual’s chronological age. Our breakthrough formula supports the efficacy of the antioxidant process with an array of amino acids and complementary raw ingredients arrived at through extensive DNA research.*

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