The Cost of Construction May be Our Lives

The Cost of Construction May be Our Lives

Statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate that 7 million deaths can be linked to air pollution. Many people don’t’ realize how deadly air pollution levels have become, what’s fueling the increase, or precautions they can take. The situation is critical – pollution particles have even been found in the brain.

Much has been written about greenhouse gases, climate change and the challenges future generations will face if the current situation continues unabated. Three of the primary causes of air pollution are construction dust, smog and various types of fumes, but the list doesn’t end there. Burning fossil fuels to generate heat and electricity account for almost a third of the world’s pollution according to the World Resources Institute.

Construction dust and pollution comes from a variety of sources that includes business and residential building, road construction, clearing land and demolitions, along with the burning of greenery that’s uprooted, diesel fumes, and emissions from heavy equipment and vehicles.

In areas that are already populated or are being reclaimed or repurposed, dust and fumes combine with smog to exacerbate the existing levels of pollution. The problem is further complicated by factors that include dust storms and wildfires. Different areas of the world each has its own unique set of circumstances that must be addressed.

In rural areas, dust and fumes related to construction takes a slightly different route. Dust and debris is typically generated from the building of structures to house livestock, farming equipment, and crops. Emissions are primarily generated by equipment used in agriculture, but are also generated by fertilizers and domesticated food animals.

An antioxidant complex may be the answer for people subjected to the dangers of pollution from modern construction practices. Antioxidants are normally associated with anti-aging, but they may help boost immune system function necessary to combat free radicals that can infiltrate the body’s defenses.*

Once free radicals enter the air, they can be disseminated far and wide by the wind. When they’re inhaled, they’re free to circulate throughout the body. Free radicals damage the body’s cells and can lodge anywhere. Research indicates the particles can contribute to brain damage and disease along with a host of other medical conditions.*

In an increasingly fast-paced world, few people have the time to spend on their well-being. RxQ Antioxidant Complex may offer a solution to help people fight the effects of free radicals from a wide variety of sources. The unique formulation contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that the body can begin to utilize immediately to aid in boosting the immune system and improving natural antioxidant production.*

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