What is RxQ Antioxidant Complex?

The Custom Solution for Free Radical Damage

Unlike other antioxidant supplements, RxQ Antioxidant Complex was developed by a noted nuclear medicine specialist and a family practitioner that focuses on the interactions between the environment and the systems and organs in the body. That means the supplement's proprietary formula has been created based on solid scientific research using safe and reliable methods consumers can rely on for optimal benefits.*

Daily Health Regime

If used daily, RxQ Antioxidant Complex can be a significant formulation for life enhancement as bathing or flossing one's teeth. Neither bathing or flossing explicitly make our bodies healthier in itself. However, they are both used to help preserve our teeth and bodies. RxQ Antioxidant Complex has the potential to do for human metabolism what bathing and flossing do for our skin and our teeth.*

RxQ Antioxidant Complex is best thought of as metabolic hygiene to be used in “dirty” environments that create oxidative stress overloads that can chip away at our health prematurely. As chrome plating can prevent premature oxidation, RxQ Antioxidant Complex help maintain cell function in spite of oxidative stressors. RxQ Antioxidant Complex may mitigate damage that eventually leads to premature disability and loss of cellular function. RxQ Antioxidant Complex is a complex that is supported by the inherent antioxidant effects of the formulation.*